Ahlmeyer competes at Foot Locker Nationals

Posted by Beech High School on Dec 18 2018 at 10:58AM PST in 2018-19

Story by Zach Womble

After placing 10th in the Footlocker Cross Country Championships South Regional, Beech’s David Ahlmeyer earned a trip to San Diego to compete in the Footlocker Nationals against runners from the Northeast, Midwest and West Regionals. Running on Dec. 8 at Balboa Park in San Diego, Ahlmeyer finished 36th overall.

“This wasn’t my best race of the season because I just didn’t have a lot of energy, but I still had a lot of fun,” Ahlmeyer said. “This is the first year I’ve qualified for nationals, so my season has never been this long. I’ve never raced in December, so I’m a little worn out from running since August. I guess it has taken a toll on my body; I just ran out of gas.”

Despite not having his best run of the season, Ahlmeyer said it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he will cherish.

“Being here, you get to talk to pro runners and hear their stories and where they came from to get to where they are today,” he said. “They told us basically they were in the same spot as us and this was only the beginning. It’s up to us to train hard and focus one day at a time and eventually if we worked hard enough we could be at the World Championships or the Olympics one day.”

Ahlmeyer will take a couple weeks away from running to get mentally prepared for his senior season in the spring for track and field.

“I’m really looking forward to track and field season,” he said. “I’m just training hard so that I can beat my personal records and hopefully that will be good enough for me to win state in the two-mile.”

Ahlmeyer will not be done with running after his time at Beech comes to an end. The senior standout will continue running at Furman University on a cross country scholarship.

“I really like the coaches and team that is already there,” he said of his decision. “They have a really good program and will compete for a top five or 10-spot at the national championships. I wanted to be a part of the team environment and grow as a runner.”

Ahlmeyer will try and best his 4:19 mile and reach under the nine-minute mark on his two-mile run for the upcoming track and field championships in May.