Wrestling dominates at Collierville

Posted by Beech High School on Jan 14 2021 at 08:27AM PST

The Buc mat men travelled to Memphis over the weekend and walked away with 5 wins and the title. The Bucs destroyed all TN teams – beating Bartlett 72-12, Munford 71-6 and Houston 68-6.

In their opener the Bucs beat Poplar Bluff Missouri 48-35 and in the final they beat Cabot HS from Arkansas (previously undefeated) 43-36, coming back from a 24-0 deficit to get the win and the title.


Beech Senior vs. Bartlett @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 72.0 Bartlett (BART) 12.0
106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over Lane Clement (BART) (Fall 0:36) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 120: Steven Dindl (BART) over Coen Myers (BESE) (Fall 0:50) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Landon Middlebrook (BART) (Fall 1:13) 132: Mason Sutton (BART) over Cameron Cain (BESE) (Fall 1:58) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over Joshua Spencer (BART) (Fall 0:46) 145: Daniel Hammond (BESE) over Caleb Reynolds (BART) (Fall 1:45) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over Luke Robbins (BART) (Fall 2:51) 160: Jackson Light (BESE) over Ashton Allen (BART) (Fall 1:11) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Sourou Jones (BART) (Fall 0:18) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over (BART) (For.)

Munford vs. Beech Senior @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 71.0 Munford (MUNF) 6.0
126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Wemawamungu Moktani (MUNF) (TF 17-1 4:09) 132: Cameron Cain (BESE) over Carter Sisco (MUNF) (Dec 7-3) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 145: Jacob Hammond (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 160: Jackson Light (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Gavin Haynes (MUNF) (Fall 1:20) 182: Jermyah Davis (MUNF) over Preston Clark (BESE) (Fall 2:38) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over Kannon Blagg (MUNF) (Fall 0:47) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Justin Cavanaugh (MUNF) (Dec 7-5) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Benjamin Millican (MUNF) (Fall 3:44)

Beech Senior vs. Poplar Bluff @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 48.0 Poplar Bluff (POPLARBL) 35.0
106: Gatlin Taylor (POPLARBL) over Cohen Oswald (BESE) (Fall 3:13) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Alex Vass (POPLARBL) (Fall 0:19) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over (POPLARBL) (For.) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over (POPLARBL) (For.) 132: Cameron Cain (BESE) over (POPLARBL) (For.) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over Dace Wisdom (POPLARBL) (Fall 3:03) 145: Lucas Robertson (POPLARBL) over Daniel Hammond (BESE) (TF 15-0 4:55) 152: Ben Colclasure (POPLARBL) over Tyler McDaniel (BESE) (Fall 1:52) 160: Justin Mitchell (POPLARBL) over Jackson Light (BESE) (Fall 1:42) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Logan Hite (POPLARBL) (Fall 1:05) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over Desmond Howell (POPLARBL) (Fall 3:52) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over Riley Sater (POPLARBL) (Fall 1:10) 220: Gavyn Hays (POPLARBL) over William Kalamen (BESE) (Fall 1:38) 285: John Martin (POPLARBL) over Kaden White (BESE) (Fall 3:25)

Beech Senior vs. Houston @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 68.0 Houston (HOUS) 6.0
132: Cameron Cain (BESE) over Barrett McMillin (HOUS) (TF 20-5 3:16) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over Adam Kidder (HOUS) (Fall 1:32) 145: Daniel Hammond (BESE) over Dean Carrion (HOUS) (Inj. [time]) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over Henry Fleming (HOUS) (Fall 4:32) 160: David Dirmann (HOUS) over Jackson Light (BESE) (Dec 4-0) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Miles Dirmann (HOUS) (Fall 1:25) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over Nathan Laurenzi (HOUS) (Fall 1:26) 195: Owen Zuckerman (HOUS) over Donovan Rich (BESE) (Dec 8-2) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over Jake Dirmann (HOUS) (Fall 0:37) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over Austin Cardell (HOUS) (Dec 6-0) 106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over (HOUS) (For.) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Connor Baltz (HOUS) (Fall 3:37) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Jack Malone (HOUS) (Fall 2:47) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Carter Trefz (HOUS) (Fall 0:34)

Beech Senior vs. Cabot @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 43.0 Cabot (CABO) 36.0
106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over (CABO) (For.) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Will Clark (CABO) (Fall 0:58) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Logan MacCouangha (CABO) (Fall 5:37) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Christopher Dye (CABO) (MD 19-7) 132: Dustin Calhoun (CABO) over Cameron Cain (BESE) (Fall 3:22) 138: Austin Denton (CABO) over William Griggs (BESE) (Fall 5:09) 145: James Stanley (CABO) over Brody Robin (BESE) (Fall 2:42) 152: Archer Torres (CABO) over Tyler McDaniel (BESE) (Fall 1:14) 160: Cole Eason (CABO) over Jackson Light (BESE) (Fall 1:22) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Logan Eason (CABO) (Fall 0:56) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over Brock Hughes (CABO) (Fall 0:59) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over Gavin Reardon (CABO) (Fall 1:25) 220: William Bevis (CABO) over William Kalamen (BESE) (Fall 5:00) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over Gage Loar (CABO) (TB-1 2-1)