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Wrestling dominates at Collierville

Posted by Beech High School at Jan 14, 2021 8:27AM PST

The Buc mat men travelled to Memphis over the weekend and walked away with 5 wins and the title. The Bucs destroyed all TN teams – beating Bartlett 72-12, Munford 71-6 and Houston 68-6.

In their opener the Bucs beat Poplar Bluff Missouri 48-35 and in the final they beat Cabot HS from Arkansas (previously undefeated) 43-36, coming back from a 24-0 deficit to get the win and the title.


Beech Senior vs. Bartlett @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 72.0 Bartlett (BART) 12.0
106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over Lane Clement (BART) (Fall 0:36) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 120: Steven Dindl (BART) over Coen Myers (BESE) (Fall 0:50) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Landon Middlebrook (BART) (Fall 1:13) 132: Mason Sutton (BART) over Cameron Cain (BESE) (Fall 1:58) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over Joshua Spencer (BART) (Fall 0:46) 145: Daniel Hammond (BESE) over Caleb Reynolds (BART) (Fall 1:45) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over Luke Robbins (BART) (Fall 2:51) 160: Jackson Light (BESE) over Ashton Allen (BART) (Fall 1:11) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Sourou Jones (BART) (Fall 0:18) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over (BART) (For.) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over (BART) (For.)

Munford vs. Beech Senior @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 71.0 Munford (MUNF) 6.0
126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Wemawamungu Moktani (MUNF) (TF 17-1 4:09) 132: Cameron Cain (BESE) over Carter Sisco (MUNF) (Dec 7-3) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 145: Jacob Hammond (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 160: Jackson Light (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Gavin Haynes (MUNF) (Fall 1:20) 182: Jermyah Davis (MUNF) over Preston Clark (BESE) (Fall 2:38) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over (MUNF) (For.) 106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over Kannon Blagg (MUNF) (Fall 0:47) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Justin Cavanaugh (MUNF) (Dec 7-5) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Benjamin Millican (MUNF) (Fall 3:44)

Beech Senior vs. Poplar Bluff @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 48.0 Poplar Bluff (POPLARBL) 35.0
106: Gatlin Taylor (POPLARBL) over Cohen Oswald (BESE) (Fall 3:13) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Alex Vass (POPLARBL) (Fall 0:19) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over (POPLARBL) (For.) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over (POPLARBL) (For.) 132: Cameron Cain (BESE) over (POPLARBL) (For.) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over Dace Wisdom (POPLARBL) (Fall 3:03) 145: Lucas Robertson (POPLARBL) over Daniel Hammond (BESE) (TF 15-0 4:55) 152: Ben Colclasure (POPLARBL) over Tyler McDaniel (BESE) (Fall 1:52) 160: Justin Mitchell (POPLARBL) over Jackson Light (BESE) (Fall 1:42) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Logan Hite (POPLARBL) (Fall 1:05) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over Desmond Howell (POPLARBL) (Fall 3:52) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over Riley Sater (POPLARBL) (Fall 1:10) 220: Gavyn Hays (POPLARBL) over William Kalamen (BESE) (Fall 1:38) 285: John Martin (POPLARBL) over Kaden White (BESE) (Fall 3:25)

Beech Senior vs. Houston @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 68.0 Houston (HOUS) 6.0
132: Cameron Cain (BESE) over Barrett McMillin (HOUS) (TF 20-5 3:16) 138: William Griggs (BESE) over Adam Kidder (HOUS) (Fall 1:32) 145: Daniel Hammond (BESE) over Dean Carrion (HOUS) (Inj. [time]) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over Henry Fleming (HOUS) (Fall 4:32) 160: David Dirmann (HOUS) over Jackson Light (BESE) (Dec 4-0) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Miles Dirmann (HOUS) (Fall 1:25) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over Nathan Laurenzi (HOUS) (Fall 1:26) 195: Owen Zuckerman (HOUS) over Donovan Rich (BESE) (Dec 8-2) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over Jake Dirmann (HOUS) (Fall 0:37) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over Austin Cardell (HOUS) (Dec 6-0) 106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over (HOUS) (For.) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Connor Baltz (HOUS) (Fall 3:37) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Jack Malone (HOUS) (Fall 2:47) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Carter Trefz (HOUS) (Fall 0:34)

Beech Senior vs. Cabot @ Dragon Duals on 01/09/2021.

Beech Senior (BESE) 43.0 Cabot (CABO) 36.0
106: Cohen Oswald (BESE) over (CABO) (For.) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Will Clark (CABO) (Fall 0:58) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Logan MacCouangha (CABO) (Fall 5:37) 126: Trey Bates (BESE) over Christopher Dye (CABO) (MD 19-7) 132: Dustin Calhoun (CABO) over Cameron Cain (BESE) (Fall 3:22) 138: Austin Denton (CABO) over William Griggs (BESE) (Fall 5:09) 145: James Stanley (CABO) over Brody Robin (BESE) (Fall 2:42) 152: Archer Torres (CABO) over Tyler McDaniel (BESE) (Fall 1:14) 160: Cole Eason (CABO) over Jackson Light (BESE) (Fall 1:22) 170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Logan Eason (CABO) (Fall 0:56) 182: Preston Clark (BESE) over Brock Hughes (CABO) (Fall 0:59) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over Gavin Reardon (CABO) (Fall 1:25) 220: William Bevis (CABO) over William Kalamen (BESE) (Fall 5:00) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over Gage Loar (CABO) (TB-1 2-1)

Lady Bucs beat Green Hill

Posted by Beech High School at Jan 14, 2021 8:16AM PST

The Lady Bucs started out strong leading 15-7 at the end of the first quarter. The game was pretty much even the rest of the way and we pulled away in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Hawks 16-4. Natasia Jones led the team defensively with 5 rebounds and 4 steals.

Jada Jones led the scoring with 13 points. Bri Ellis and Natasia Jones each added 9 and Laci Walmer had 8 to lead the Lady Bucs scoring. Ellis had 7 assists to lead the team.

1/12 @ 6p Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Beech 15 10 14 16 55
Green Hill 7 12 17 4 40

Wrestling rips Harpeth 57-21

Posted by Beech High School at Dec 9, 2020 9:11AM PST

The Mat Men from Buccaneer Land whip up on the Harpeth Indians 57-21
6 more pins in the win.

170: Mason Smith (BESE) over Anthony Rigby (HARP) (Fall 0:00) 182: Cooper Edwards (HARP) over Preston Clark (BESE) (Fall 0:00) 195: Donovan Rich (BESE) over (HARP) (For.) 220: William Kalamen (BESE) over Aden Cook (HARP) (Fall 0:00) 285: Kaden White (BESE) over (HARP) (For.) 106: Landon Turner (HARP) over Cohen Oswald (BESE) (Fall 0:00) 113: Blake Palmer (BESE) over Taylor Turner (HARP) (Dec 4-0) 120: Coen Myers (BESE) over Payton Boyde (HARP) (Fall 0:00) 126: Cameron Cain (BESE) over Deacon Bass (HARP) (Fall 0:00) 132: William Griggs (BESE) over (HARP) (For.) 138: Dakota Delang (HARP) over Daniel Hammond (BESE) (Dec 6-2) 145: Thomas Magness (HARP) over Brody Robin (BESE) (Fall 0:00) 152: Tyler McDaniel (BESE) over Jason Marquardt (HARP) (Fall 0:00) 160: Jackson Light (BESE) over Nate Williams (HARP) (Fall 0:00)

Beech 43 Station Camp 31

Kristian Shaw 10, Sam McClendon 9, Luke Fleming 8, Andrew Paige 6, Braden Brinkley 5, Jackson Long 2,
Bradley Wheeler 3

Eli Rice led SC with 17

The Bucs and Bison went back and forth throughout the night with Beech leading by three points most of the second and third quarters. The Bucs opened up and scored a couple baskets in a row while stopping Station Camp to take 35-26 lead and made their free throws down the stretch for a 12 point win.

“We had to get it done on the defensive end and glass tonight as Station Camp played excellent defense as well, making it difficult to get good shots. It was a 1 point game going into the 4th and we were able to build a small lead and hang on. This was a big win against a good team to start district play. Station Camp is going to win a lot of games. "
Kip Brown/HC


Shackle Island – The Bucs opened up their season last night with a 64-18 win over the Coyotes of West Creek HS. Coach Jeff Roberts’ team did what he expected tonight even without defending two time state champion, Trey Bates, in the lineup.
The team returns two state champs in Bates and Mason Smith and fellow seniors Donovan Roich (3x state qualifier), Preston Clark and Kaden White. The Bucs also return three other state qualifiers in Blake Palmer (Jr/2x), Cordell Griggs (Jr/2x) and Coen Myers (So).
“We have an experienced team retunring and our expectation, as always, is to be in the state duals in February,” said coach Jeff Roberts. “I feel like we have a shot to compete for a top spot this year if we stay healthy and the kids keep working hard.”
Beech missed a trip to state duals last year but have been six of the last eight years. Tyler McDaniel, Daniel Hammond and Will Kaloman round out the starting lineup for the Bucs.
Beech got the forfeits at 106, 220 and 285 and seven pins by Blake Palmer, Coen Myers, Cameron Cain, Cordell Griggs, Mason Smith, Preston Clark and Donovan Rich. Smith was extremely impressive pinning his opponent in about 30 seconds.
“We got off to a good start tonight, it was good to take care of business, we have to keep working at it, the boys are doing a good job of that and you saw that in the results tonight. Even the matches we lost we did some good things,” said Roberts