Taking Care of Bizness...

Posted by Beech High School on Sep 13 2020 at 09:21PM PDT

The Bucs dominated Friday’s game, take away to turnovers and the first HHS drive. Tysean Jefferson ran for 178 yards on 28 carries and Patrick Hill added 99 on 11 carries. Both scored a TD and Adrian Johnson bullied his way across the goalline twice to finish off the scoring.
The defense held serve on multiple occassions as JP Courtney had an interception on the goal line to stop one opportunity and the HHS kicker missed three field goal atteampts as well. Kanon Lewis and Gage Stewart each recoverd a fumble and Logan Simms had a pair of sacks for the Bucs.
Stewart led the team in tackles with 114, Bronco Hanks had 9.

The Bucs will take on Tullahoma in a home game on Friday night at 7pm. This game was added on Saturday morning and was not on the schedule.