Golf Team Results from opening weeks of play!

Posted by Beech High School on Aug 19 2020 at 07:37AM PDT

Match 1 Boys
Tristan Grenead 80 Landon Leslie 83 Zach Lee 95 Carson Adams 116 Jake Steen 118
Hville 344
SC 357
Beech 374

Girls Tessa Myers 84 Katlyn Blake 91 Breonna Boyd 101
Beech 175
Hville 186

Match 2 Boys Landon Leslie 77 Tristan Grenead 80 Zach Lee 94 Harper Dienna 111 Hayden Hobgood 113

Team totals
Beech 362
Green Hill 374
Macon Co n/a

Girls Tessa Myers 83 Katlyn Blake 94 Breonna Boyd 106

Beech 177
Green Hill 205
Macon Co DQ

Match 3 (9 holes) Boys Tristan Grenead 41 Landon Leslie 42 Zach Lee 49 Carson Adams 52 Jake Steen 58

Lebanon 173
Beech 184
Portland 187

Girls Katlyn Blake 43 Tessa Myers 43 Breonna Boyd 49

Beech 86
Lebanon 90
Portland DQ

Boys are 3-3 on the year girls are 6-0

We still have a pretty young team with zero seniors but loads of experience as most of them have been playing in matches since their freshmen year. Girls team consist of 2 juniors and 1 sophomore. They have a legitimate shot to make it to state as a team this year and next year for sure. With one of the girls (Tessa) coming just shy as an individual last as a sophomore. The boys are spear headed by a jr (Tristan Grenead)who has been playing the number 1 since a freshmen. The number 2 boy (Landon Leslie) has been exceptional this year as a sophomore. The boys are playing short handed right now with one of the best players on the team (Derek Chambliss freshman) out with 2 hip fractures. If he?s able to return could definitely give the boys the spark they need to push them into a run for state. It would give me 3 kids shooting under 80 which gives you shot.