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Bucs' quarterback competition is wide open
Author: Chris Brooks, Hendersonville Star News
In trying to regain their championship form, the Beech High football team turned to a defending state champion to provide some preseason competition in passing league action. The Buccaneers traveled to defending Class 2A champion Trousdale County on
Zinchini to get shot with Jaguars
Author: Chris Brooks, Hendersonville Star News
Chad Zinchini needed a new hat, but it took some searching to find one bearing the logo of his newest employer. The former Beech High and Tennessee Tech punter signed a free-agent contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars after the conclusion of this p
Zinchini to get looks at NFL Combine
Author: Chris Brooks, Hendersonville Star News
Former Beech High punter Chad Zinchini is getting a chance to impress National Football League teams this weekend in Detroit. Zinchini, a 2009 graduate who punted for Tennessee Tech the past two seasons, was invited to the NFL Super Regional Combine