Beech Varsity Football

at Gallatin

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September 2014
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Late struggles sink Beech
Author: Ryan Jent, Hendersonville Star News
PARIS – Henry County knocked on the door all night, but for more than three quarters, Beech did not let much in. Finally, in the fourth quarter, the Patriots made their way. Despite the Beech defense playing 36 of 39 plays inside its own terri
Beech grinds down Station Camp
Author: Chris Brooks, Hendersonville Star News
HENDERSONVILLE Rodrick Napper hadn't seen an atmosphere like the one he played in on Friday night at Shackle Island Stadium. The Beech High junior tailback made the most of his opportunity, finishing with 153 rushing yards on 24 carries and two touc
Buccaneers bounce back
Author: Ryan Jent, Gallatin News Examiner
HENDERSONVILLE – After struggling in consecutive scrimmages against Oakland and Ravenwood, the Beech High football team finally found some positives on offense, putting up 34 points in two quarters during Friday night's scrimmage against Dickson